Born in 1987,  bass player Niklas Fernqvist has spent the last decade or so touring all over the world with some of the biggest names in Swedish jazz and popular music. Originally from Uppsala he started playing cello on his 5th birthday, electric bass at 11 and moved to Stockholm at age 15 to study music at Södra Latin high school where he also took up upright bass. Since graduating from the Royal college of music in Stockholm (KMH) he has distinguished himself not only as a skilled instrumentalist but also with an unusual strong sense of making a band as a whole sound its best - weather being part of an intimate piano trio, or a swinging big band. 

Regularly performing with prominent vocal artists such as Claire Martin, Isabella Lundgren, Ellen Andersson, Lisa Nilsson and Vivian Buczek along with the instrumental groups Joel Lyssarides trio, KOOP Oscar Orchestra, Karin Hammar and many more, Fernqvist is one of the most sought-after collaborators and sidemen of his generation and can be heard on a large number of critically acclaimed and award winning recordings.

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